Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Heir of Sea and Fire { The Riddle-Master of Hed #2 }

Title: Heir of Sea and Fire
Author: Patricia A. McKillip
Ideal Age Range: Young Adult-Adult
Mass Market Paperback: ~ 200 pages
Blurb:  “By the vow of her father and her own desire, Raederle was pledged to Morgon, Riddle-Master of Hed. But a year had passed since Morgon disappeared on his search for the High One at Erlenstar Mountain, and rumors claimed he was dead.
Raederle set out to learn the truth for herself, though her small gift of magic seemed too slight for the perils she must face. The quest led through strange lands and dangerous adventures. Only her growing powers enabled her at last to reach Erlenstar Mountain. And there she discovered what she could not bear to accept.
Accompanied by Deth, the High One's Harper, she fled. And behind them came a pursuer whose name was Morgon, bent on executing a grim destiny upon Raederle and Deth.
Her only hope lay in summoning the Hosts of the Dead, led by the King whose skull she bore . . .”
Synopsis: Raederle goes on her own quest in search of Morgon, her betrothed, who won her by answering the one riddle that would win her set by her father.  Along the way she uncovers her own ancestry and her own magic.
My Rating:(★★1/2) I was severely pissed off that this book was from a different point of view from the first one and that it didn't start right where the first one left off, and that you didn't figure out the end of the first one until almost the end of the second book. It was only less irritating in the fact that Raederle was a more interesting character to me than Morgan. 
 I won’t bore you with the reasons why I read the book, because I didn’t even like the first one, let’s leave it with the fact that I’m stubborn and had started it and could not just leave it after the first one ended at a to be continued type ending.  Not that this second book was any better.  I would have been a much happier camper had the set of books I had was an omnibus of all three books together so I didn’t feel totally jerked around by the author.  I reiterate that I normally love this author too, as I said in my review of The Riddlemaster of Hed.
Quotes: "Is there a riddle on the master lists that permits the wise man to revenge?” –Heir of Sea and Fire

My Rating System:
★ = didn’t like it
★★ = it was ok
★★★ = liked it
★★★★ = really liked it
★★★★★ = it was amazing
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