Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lioness Rampant { Song of the Lioness #4 }

Title: Lioness Rampant
Author: Tamora Pierce
Ideal Age Range: 9-12
Mass Market Paperback: 400 Pages
Blurb: “I’m not sure I want to be a hero anymore.”  Having achieved her dream of becoming the first female knight errant, Alanna of Trebond is not sure what to do next.  Perhaps being a knight errant is not all that Alanna needs…But Alanna must push her uncertainty aside when a new challenge arises.  She must recover the Dominion Jewel, a legendary gem with enormous power for good-but only in the right hands.  And she must work quickly.  Tortall is in great danger, and Alanna’s archenemy, Duke Roger, is back-and more powerful than ever.  In this final book of the Song of the Lioness quartet, Alanna discovers that she indeed has a future worthy of her mythic past-both as a warrior and as a woman.
Synopsis: Alanna returns from the Southern tip of Tortall to an unsure future.  She feels at a loss and decides when she finds out about the Dominion Jewel to go on a journey to fetch it for Prince Jonathan, now King Jonathan.  Along the way the Shang Dragon, Liam Ironarm, her man-at-arms, Coram Smythesson, accompanies her and she also picks up the Princess Thayet of Sarain and her guard Buri.  Together, they journey to the roof of the world to recover the Jewel, when they return they find the capital of Tortall upside-down with a returned to life Duke Roger, and a sickened Thom.
My Rating:(★★★★★) I love this book. It's my favorite of the four books. It's also the most grown up of the books probably. There is action, there is romance (quite a bit) and there is so much heroism and beauty to read in its pages. I adore it. This is the book that I cry at.  My Dad read all of these books when he saw that I had read them through five times because he wanted to know what I was freaking out about.
Quotes: “You want to learn Shang, you keep Shang hours! Up!” Liam IronArm

My Rating System:
★ = didn’t like it
★★ = it was ok
★★★ = liked it
★★★★ = really liked it
★★★★★ = it was amazing
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