Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stanza Saturday (1)

A weekly blogging event from Denim-Jacket Librarian Dishes to share some poetry, be it from a favorite book or one borrowed from the library.  Your mission should you accept it is to find a book of poetry, open to a random page and post the first poem you see.  If the poem is longer than you think people may be wanting to read, include just the first stanza or your favorite stanza but be sure to include the poem's title, the book's title and of course the poet him or herself.

My poem comes from the only book of poetry I have at my house (most of my books are packed away at my parents' house), Robert Frost.

"A Dream Pang"
by Robert Frost

I had withdrawn in forest, and my song
Was swallowed up in leaves that blew away;
And to the forest edge you came one day
(This was my dream) and looked and pondered long,
You shook your pensive head as who should say,
"I dare not-too far in his footsteps stray-
He must seek me would he undo the wrong."

No far, but near, I stood and saw it all
Behind low boughs the trees let down outside;
And the sweet pang it cost me not to call
And tell you that I saw does still abide.
But 'tis not true that thus I dwelt aloof,
For the wood wakes, and you are here for proof.

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