Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Why is it when I fall in love with a Television Show that the network it is on immediately cancels it?  It's happened at least 3 times in the past year!  It makes me really frustrated.  The latest of "My Shows" to get the axe?
Mad Love
Now, I have to admit that I didn't watch it for Jason Biggs (of American Pie fame) or Sarah Chalke (of Scrubs fame), and as much I as really want something to last and be successful for Judy Greer, the main reason I loved Mad Love was Tyler Labine who played Larry Munsch.  I could care less about the relationship between Jason and Sarah, but I loved the play between Judy and Tyler's characters.  And the last episode was last night, aaaand now it's cancelled.  I'm so irritated.

All I can do now is imagine that they got together and challenged each other all the way into happily ever after.  :)

The other two shows that got cancelled that I loved?

Are any of these newly cancelled television shows on your "love" lists?

Better With You
Detroit 1-8-7
Mr. Sunshine
No Ordinary Family
Off the Map

The Defenders
Mad Love
$#*! My Dad Says

Lie To Me

America's Next Great Restaurant
The Event
Law & Order: Los Angeles
Perfect Couples
School Pride

Of the most recent cancellations, it looks like NBC isn't doing very well, and thinking about all the shows that I do watch, I realize that I don't watch hardly anything on NBC.  Almost all of my shows I watch are on ABC and FOX.  I watch a few on CBS as well, namely Castle.

God forbid any shows work or are successful that don't include initials (NCIS, CSI), or the words Law & Order.  Although, the newest Law & Order seems to have broken the camel's back of the public's patience with brand spin offs.  What Television needs is original creative content, not a new spin on a already successful brand, but any show that seems to fit that bill gets axed!  I don't understand.

Here's to hoping next season of television brings new and awesome shows, as summer is kind of boring for tv, it's a good thing I love to read books!

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