Thursday, August 18, 2011

Author Signing - Connie Brockway & Eloisa James

As I sit cross-legged on my bed tonight, I’m thankful for comfy flannel pajamas, and glitterified red velvet cupcakes.  It’s no secret if you read this blog that I love bodice rippers romance novels.  Those and paranormal anything.. basically.

It might be surprising though that I have only ever went to one book signing before tonight.  It was when I was still in high school and my mother took me to Osseo, Minnesota to a used bookstore where Lois Greiman was doing a book signing.

Tonight though!  Tonight I brought both my mother and my son down to the southern side of the Twin Cities to a Barnes & Noble where the fabulous Connie Brockway and amazing Eloisa James were promoting their new anthology, The Lady Most Likely, somewhat sadly Julia Quinn was missing, else it would have been a trifecta of awesomeness and I would have won the jackpot of author signing. 

There was laughter, stories (contributed by the lovely authors), and sparkly cupcakes of red velvet deliciousness.  I had a great time, and even though my son, Colton did cry (just a little bit) when Eloisa held him, I think that even he had an excellent time.  Especially since he got to smile at our neighbor and practice his wave.

Here are the 3 failed attempts at getting a picture taken with the ladies.  They are more like outtakes, and while they offered to retake without Colton, I didn’t want to take up anymore of their time, though I did appreciate the sentiment.  I'm disappointed that I forgot my camera at home.  I probably would have gotten better and non-crying pictures but my mother isn't all that iPhone savvy (that's okay, I still love you!).  He would have probably ended up crying anyway because it was a little later in the evening so we were toeing the line for that as it was.

One lucky lady got to go out for a glass of wine with the authors after the signing was over, and as much as I thought that would be one of the most interesting things I can imagine doing, I’m glad that even though we put our names in to win, that our names weren’t chosen as I think we would have had to decline and let them choose someone else anyway.  As it was Colton fell asleep on the way home since it was a little past his normal bedtime.  (At least he went right to sleep when we got home and my mother went to her respective house.)

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