Sunday, February 5, 2012

In the Hand of the Goddess { Song of the Lioness #2 } [ AudioBook ]

Title: In the Hand of the Goddess {Book 2 of the Song of the Lioness Quartet}
Author: Tamora Pierce
Ideal Age Range: Ages 11 and up
Audiobook: 5 hours (4 CDS)
Narrated by: Trini Alvarado
Synopsis:Disguised as a boy, Alanna of Trebond becomes a squire, to none other than the prince of the realm. But Prince Jonathan is much more to Alanna; he is her ally, her best friend, and one of the few who knows that she's really a girl. Now it will take all of Alanna's awesome skill, strength, and growing magical powers to protect him from the mysterious evil sorcerer who is bent on his destruction, and hers!
Here continues the story of Alanna, a young woman bound for glory who is willing to fight against enormous odds for what she believes in.

My Rating:(★★★★★)  I listening to In the Hand of the Goddess in a much shorter time period than when I listened to Alanna: the First Adventure, I brought it inside and listened to it while I made lunch, or while my son was taking his afternoon nap, instead of just listening to it in fits and starts whenever I was in the car.  It made it a little bit more enjoyable, I suppose, being able to pay closer attention to it.
I have all of the same opinions of this audio CD as I did for the first in the series.  I thought Trini Alvarado did a wonderful job lending voice to all the great characters and making the fights exciting.  The story is probably my third favorite of the series, interestingly enough, my favorites fall in descending order, Lioness Rampant (book 4), The Woman Who Rides Like A Man (book 3), In the Hand of the Goddess (book 2), and Alanna: the First Adventure (book 1).
As much as I love Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness books, I should be paid to suggest them to people, I've read each store more than a dozen times and they never get old to me, and that is proof to me that they are good stories.  They stand the test of time, and I still love them.  I can't wait to go to the library and get the next book on Audio CD.  :)  Only two more days!
Happy Reading!

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