Thursday, April 16, 2015

you never even said goodbye

Dear Readers,

I have been an awful blogger for quite sometime, well, when it comes to reading and reviewing books anyway. I've been keeping up my private online journal but that's not the same is it? Not really.

I have a good reason for my hiatus. Three good reasons, actually. And I'll show them to you.

These three troublemakers are my sons. They are also the reason that I have been having an awful time reading lately. Not that I haven't been reading. I have been, but just not much. My goal this year is to read 12 books! I mean, that's not that many when you really think about it. One a month? I used to be able to read a book every two days at the very least.  But having kids really kills your attention span, I have found.

I do think that as I get more time to myself that I will be trying to continue to post and review here. I kind of feel like my reviews aren't all that important as I'm not usually reading super de duper popular up and coming novels that were just released. I read what I want to and then share my opinion on them. And it makes me happy.

And that is what is important. I get some writing done, some reading done and it makes me feel productive. I am also hoping to re-start my Youtube channel, but I have to work that out because my Youtube account is linked to my other email and it's just a mess right now. There's actually no videos attached to my Demure Connoisseur email, it's linked to my personal email and I find that a little irritating to the OCD nature that rears it's head on occasion.

I'm sure you understand? No? Well, maybe someday. :)

Okay, well, I'm going to try to work out my Youtube account here, and maybe read some more of A Game of Thrones by G.R.R. Martin (do you see how far behind the times I am?).  If you have any other "behind the times" recommendations, send them my way, I'll add them to my towering To Be Read pile.

Thanks for sticking with me lovelies,