Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a husband of her own // brenda novak

Title:  A Husband of Her Own
Author: Brenda Novak
Ideal Age Range: Adult
Mass Market Paperback: 298 pages
Copyright Date:  May 2003
 Who’s going to win the battle of Dundee, Idaho?
The town’s bad girl or its favorite son?
Rebecca Wells desperately wants to overcome her reputation. She’s finally trying to put an end to her twenty-four-year rivalry with the perfect Josh Hill, a rivalry that began when she was a kid and the Hills moved in across the street. Great-looking, popular, a successful horse rancher, Josh is Dundee’s golden boy- and the son her father always wanted.
But even when her father insists they call a truce, it’s hard for Rebecca to drop her resentment of Josh. She refuses to acknowledge that she feels more for him than she’s ever let on. The man she loves to hate is also the man she’d hate to love!

My Rating (★★★★):

I don’t usually read Harlequin Superromances. If I read a romance, it is normally a Regency romance and the author is usually Eloisa James or Julia Quinn. (They’re my favorite Romance authors) But we were having a garage sale, and A Husband of Her Own was one of the books that we were trying to sell. I just happened to pick it up, and started reading the first few pages and never stopped.

It was a fun read. It got me intrigued and I love the rivalry aspect. The characters’ chemistry was pretty undeniable (that’s always a nice thing). I thought the story was funny and easy. I didn’t have to struggle through any of it, which, after A Game of Thrones, I really needed.

It was definitely a good, easy and exciting read. I might read more of the series, and I might read more of Brenda Novak.

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